Do you need a carpet cleaning service? You should try the low moisture cleaning service for a deep and thorough carpet cleaning that is ready and dry to use when you are done. You can clean your carpet this afternoon and get to enjoy the rest of the night. Your carpet may appear like brand-new for you as well as your guests to enjoy. However, appearance is not everything. As a matter of fact, low moisture carpet cleaning service also gets rid of the odors, allergens, dirt and some other harmful elements which lurk in your upholstery and carpets.

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Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Method

It starts with a deep and thorough assessment of your carpet cleaning requirements. Taking into considerations are the traffic and wear patterns, stains, pets or other odors, furniture to be moved, type of carpet fiber, soil load and any suggested services like carpet repairs and carpet stretching, or carpet stain protection. Room sizes are measured as well as the written price quote is provided.

With your permission, the professional carpet cleaning service providers begin the procedure with an oscillating pad machine. Then, the soap free, odor free, hypoallergenic, green seal cleaning solution (one that is safe for pets and children) is applied to the carpet as your oscillating pad agitates every side of your carpet fibers.

The machine scrubs and gets rid of the soil, fungus, bacteria allergens, sticky and greasy soil which has bonded with the fibers of the carpet. In addition to that, a second pad is used in order to ensure maximum removal of soil and speeds up the drying procedure.

This carpet cleaning method is more than just a surface cleaning. Its deep, thorough cleaning ability brings and loosens dirt, allergens, hair and some other contaminants. Even traffic patterns and matted carpets stand up. As the last step, the carpet is properly vacuumed and groomed leaving the carpet dry, bright, clean, ready to use and healthy.

No more wet carpet which seems to take long periods of time to dry. The inconvenience it brings to you is reduced because your carpet may be used again immediately after cleaning. Aside from that, the best part of it is, low moisture cleaning is not only limited to cleaning carpets. In fact, it is also a very efficient procedure to clean upholstery, grout, wood and even tile flooring in your house. There are a lot of things more disappointing than seeing your carpet get stained or having a whiff of a carpet odor – especially when you had them cleaned.

Leftover Soapy Residues Attract Dirt and Other Debris to Your Carpet

If carpet stains appear to return once more, it could possibly be new stains gathered on the area because of the sticky soapy residues left behind in the cleaning procedure. The reason why there’s sometimes leftover soapy residues is that, most stores bought conventional carpet cleaning formulas that contain too much amounts of soap or DIY carpet cleaning solutions. This is why when it comes to cleaning your carpet, it’s highly advised that you contact a professional carpet cleaning company such as Wukesha rug cleaning service provider.