Most people don’t realize the importance of the summer season being a good if not the best time to clean and maintain the house. You don’t have to combat the winter cold, autumn leaves, or the humidity in spring. But there is the heat, yes. And it can be extreme. But the summertime is actually a great time because everything is dry. The weather is much more agreeable. And the heat can also be a good motivator. Here we list some tips on what home maintenance you can do during the summer.

Spring Hill AC Service

1. Change the AC filter

AC filters easily get congested with dust. Regular changing or cleaning is important for optimum results. There will be a lot of dust during the summer since the surroundings are dry and the weather is hot. If you don’t trust yourself with cleaning the filter or replacing it, you can always ask for professional help. You can also have them check if the AC has issues or what so you don’t have to suffer the scorching heat. Spring Hill AC service is always ready to help you.

2. Wash the porch

The porch has also gathered a good amount of grime, dirt, and stickiness from the previous seasons. Wash it clean with water and a mild soap or cleaner.

3. Clean the deck

Like the porch, the deck can collect the same things. Give it a good clean as well with water and mild soap. Don’t forget the nooks and crannies.

4. Ready the outdoor furniture

Clean and disinfect your outdoor pillows, cushions, etc. For metal furniture, clean them with mild soap and water. You can also have them repainted. For wooden furniture, you can also oil them or coat them with protection so they don’t get discolored and susceptible to the extreme weather. Check the hardware and screws for rust and have them replaced or repaired so as not to cause unwanted accidents when used.

5. Have some shade

Ready your outdoor umbrella or other things that can provide shade when you are outside.

6. Don’t forget your plants

Plants need some TLC too. Water them more often but don’t drown them. Prune shrubs and plants that are growing uncontrollably. Put mulch or nutritive soil around the base.

7. Tidy the gutters

The gutters can get clogged if left uncared for. They can easily collect leaves and other things. Keeping them clean and free from these things will make your life easier than if you clean them when they are already clogged. Fixing them can cause additional costs.

8. Repaint outdoor walls

Because the weather is mostly sunny, you don’t have to worry about your paint getting rained on or not setting quickly. But because of this, you’ll also have a smaller room for mistakes since the paint can dry fast. If you are worried about that, you can always call for an expert service.

9. Repair the roof

Maybe you have some missing shingles, or damaged roof, or leaks above. Checking them while you can will problems from coming up sooner than later.